Work From Home

With the Coronavirus pandemic having dropped in the world, countries are embracing change and taking preventive measures to curb the growth of the pandemic. One of the verticals being affected by the virus is Work from Home

Slowly and gradually, companies have accepted that working from home (WFH) isn’t just a fad, but an idea whose time has come. However, it requires more discipline and work management policies.

Follow some effective guidelines while working from home – 

Do’s –

  • Treat it more professionally and disciplined manner
  • Arrange a separate space to work to manage the productivity
  • Make your family understand that how important to concentrate on your work
  • Make a schedule and stick to it
  • Keep connected with your team members, though video calls, meetings,email etc.
  • Measure your productivity at the end of the day
  • Work as per the office hour and spend some time with family which has saved from the travel

Don’t –

  • Do not work from cough, bed etc. as it can decrease the productivity
  • Do not take more breaks for eating and chit-chat
  • Do not try to over work after your working hour

Working from home can save at least 1 hour of commute everyday. Take this opportunity to achieve a greater work-life balance. Pay more attention to fitness, relaxation and spending time with family.

All you need is to Stay Positive and Fit.

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