Google tests more secure alternative to passwords called passkey in Chrome

Google is testing a new feature in Chrome that could make it easier and more secure for users to log into websites. The feature, called passkey, would allow users to log into a website using their Google account instead of a password.

Passkey would work by redirecting the user to a Google login page when they try to log into a website that supports the feature. Once the user logs in with their Google account, they would be redirected back to the website and automatically logged in.

The benefit of using passkey is that it would be more secure than using a password, as Google would be able to verify the user’s identity before allowing them to login. It would also be more convenient for users, as they would only need to remember their Google account details instead of a separate password for each website.

Google is currently testing passkey with a small group of users and is planning to roll it out to all users in the future.

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