Top WordPress Plugins For Digital Marketing in 2022

digital marketing plugins

WordPress is currently the most popular and used Content Management System to build websites. And digital marketers are trying to use it to the fullest as it allows for dynamic content in posts, and especially a rich ecosystem in plugins which aids them in achieving their goals such as increasing sales and attracting more traffic to the website. Plugins automate marketing workflows and also let you optimize the site for search engines.

While you will find a plethora of WordPress plugins, to take advantage of, we have rounded up some of the best ones that will take your digital marketing game quite a few notches higher.

An essential plugin and a perfect tool for affiliate marketers. Simply put, it allows you to keep track of visitors to the WordPress site, manage your affiliate links, cloak links, and easily add them to your posts.

Integrating a wide range of features, Hustle is one of the best WordPress plugins for digital marketing. It aims at booming site visitors, creating an aesthetically pleasing website for you. Its features include widgets, pop-ups, slides, shortcodes, and much more to set up targeted ad campaigns leading to expansion in audience reach to generate more leads.

It is the most beginner-friendly contact form plugin for WordPress. It helps create beautiful forms that you can add to your WordPress Website. Its advanced features make it one of the most popular plugins as it helps marketers to stay in touch with its visitors. Additionally, it is mobile-friendly and highly optimized for speed.

Click To Tweet
This one is yet another interesting WordPress plugin that creates ad boxes tagged “Click To Tweet” in your posts. This allows for easy sharing of a blog content, making it reach a larger audience. The most significant feature of this plugin is that it offers a direct one-click avenue to export ads to Twitter.

The OptinMonster is one of the best and the number one lead generation tool used by digital marketers. It not only gets conversion, but also boosts your email lists and help grow your subscriptions.

Envira Photo Gallery
This plugin is designed to create photo galleries on your WordPress which is crucial for digital marketing. This plugin offers a seamless avenue to present pictures of your products or services.

This is the best landing page builder for WordPress. It helps create all kinds of landing pages in just a few clicks. As it easily integrates with some of the best email marketing services, you can easily connect your favourite service to the landing page and allow your email list to grow. Moreover, it also lets you set up a coming soon page, maintenance mode page, 404 pages, and much more.

Easy-to-use and comprehensive, this plugin is ideal for digital marketers as it allows sales conversion easier and convenient even for newbies. It is often used as an email marketing tool and can be seamlessly integrated with the WordPress ecommerce plugin. Hence, Sumo offers a free suite of marketing tools for any kind of WordPress design project.

These are some of the best and the most easy to use WordPress plugins for digital marketers. You can use any of these and more for your upcoming WordPress design project for a beautiful website for your business.

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