Top Businesses That Will Continue To Boom In The Post-Covid Era

business will boom after covid

Covid-19 was one of the worst pandemics ever. Undeniably, it changed the world, our lives, and of course every aspect of it. The economies of the world have been hit severely and India- one of the world’s fastest-growing economies- was not spared either. However, amidst all the disruptions affecting the financial sectors of the country, […]

Performance Marketing: All That You Need To Know About It In 2022

performance marketing

The term ‘performance marketing’ is self-explanatory. It is just as it sounds- marketing based on performance. This performance is evaluated on desired results such as the number of completed leads, sales, bookings, or downloads. As a strategy, performance marketing culminates in businesses getting an additional brand and product recognition with an additional benefit of increased […]

7 Benefits of Digital Marketing; Especially For Your Small Business

digital marketing services

Digital marketing has opened up new avenues for businesses to operate. This is only because it is an advantageous approach to marketing and has brought about great opportunities for small businesses to consider the global marketplace of prospects, online. So, digital marketing happens to be one of the best options for small businesses to generate […]

Vernacular SEO: The Trending Watchword Among Digital Marketers

vernacular SEO

Although digital marketing is heavily dependent on the English language as a medium of communication with their audience, a recent trend has seen a shift where Google is massively investing in localizing searches in various regional languages. It has been observed that content made in regional languages gets more traction and may even go viral […]

10 AI-Driven Tools That Are Used Extensively in Digital Marketing

artificial intelligence tools

Artificial Intelligence is being dominantly used in almost all industries. Digital marketers too, have begun using this technology predominantly which is leading to several benefits in the digital marketing field. AI is efficient and saves a lot of time. Smart and efficient marketing efforts make businesses grow by increasing revenue and expansion of the company. […]