What Are YouTube Shorts And Reasons Why Marketers Love It

Although YouTube Shorts do not look very new to us, they are comparatively the latest version of short videos that are gaining huge popularity all across social media. These are the YouTube version of Instagram Reels and Tik Tok that we are already quite familiar with. However, defining strictly they are short videos published on YouTube which are not more than 60 seconds long. These are available on the YouTube Mobile App as the Shorts Shelf and are rather engaging, entertaining and offer a whole lot of value to the users and viewers.

With competitors like Instagram Reels and Tik Tok who have been playing the field for a long time now, it is difficult to predict where YouTube Shorts will head to in the near future as it is still under evolution. Nonetheless, YouTube is home to innumerable branded content and hence can prove to be really fruitful if one has a strong video strategy game going on.

What are YouTube Shorts?

To define YouTube Shorts provide a platform for users to create vertical short-form videos which further allows video-segmenting, app-based recording, and musical overlays. However, these videos cannot go beyond 60 seconds. Unlike Instagram Reels and Stories Content, they stay and do not disappear.

How Is It Different From Other Short Format Video Platforms?

As a marketer you might be wondering if YouTube Shorts are as lucrative as Tik Tok and Instagram Reels from the marketing point of view. Well, that’s too soon to decide. Nonetheless, they are worth watching and some of the reasons for that being:

Short-Form Video Creators Have a Bigger Reach
While Tik Tok showed massive growth since its launch, YouTube Shorts had 2 billion monthly active users right from its launch. So, as a marketer, your concern should be how to tap into YouTube’s huge audience with Shorts.

Almost all brands in all industries can use Shorts to their advantage:

Since Tok Tok is mostly consumed by the younger generation, B2B brands and companies might find it difficult to grow awareness there. On the contrary, Youtube Shorts provides a vast audience of various age groups, countries, industries and niches. Hence, it allows more brands to engage with a bigger range of target audience.

YouTube Shorts are relatively Less Vulnerable

YouTube being one of the oldest and most successful online platforms, it is seemingly more trustworthy to governments of various countries compared to other platforms which offer less public data security information.

YouTube Shorts Offer Long Term Benefits

The biggest advantage of YouTube Shorts is that it does not disappear after 24 hours which in turn can lead to develop long turn YouTube awareness.

Although YouTube Shorts are still under evolution, and are still pretty new, social media experts are of the view that it is likely to change over time and for the better. They are sure to offer guaranteed results if you have a solid video marketing strategy in place.
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