Social Commerce: It Is Important For Your Brand

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To help you understand in layman’s words, social commerce is a heterogeneous combination of e-commerce and social media- combined with the best points of both these things. Brands use social commerce as a process of selling products and services directly on various social media platforms. The greatest advantage of social commerce is it brings a new and convenient purchasing experience to users, that range from product discovery, to research, and finally to the whole checking-out process. From the beginning till the end, all of this happens on a social media platform. Therefore, as a brand or a business or an organization, you should be taking a good advantage of social commerce and provide all the ‘shopportunities’ to your users and potential customers.

However, after reading about all of this, you might be wondering, so how is it so different from e-commerce? Well, let us help you understand the differences better.

Social Commerce and E-Commerce: How Are They Different?

While e-commerce is all about a shopping experience from a website or a dedicated brand app, social commerce refers to providing customers to make purchases within their entire social media experience. Hence, it is no way similar to e-commerce.

However, it must be understood that social commerce is also nothing near to ‘social selling’ as well. The latter refers to cultivating relationships on social media in order to enhance sales prospect list.

The Reasons Why Social Commerce is an Important Brand Marketing Tool

Digital marketers believe social commerce is an important marketing tool and is worthy of giving it a shot. Here are a few mentionable reasons why we think on the same lines.

Social Commerce Offers Shopping a Social Experience
Social commerce calls for a more socially interactive shopping experience as it gives a chance to consumers to discuss and consult with their friends on purchases. We feel it is almost the next best thing than a typical e-commerce spree.

Social Commerce Gets Rid of Friction
Social commerce makes way for a smoother shopping experience for users in their consumer journey- from discovery to purchase- and all of these processes just happen with every click.

Social Commerce Allows You To Make Some Serious Money
Social commerce is all about numbers and we know how numbers don’t lie. Hence, as a brand one must bring their products and services to online spaces where customers and potential customers are lurking around.

Social Commerce Creates an Instant Social Group
Apart from speeding up the whole transaction process, social commerce additionally makes way for an incredible way to gather feedback. This is because a brand’s products and services are out there for consumers to review and discuss. Hence, overall, social commerce lets you have clear data about who your customers are, offers a scope to chat with your consumers, and also provides them with a customer service.

Small Commerce Allows You To Hyper-Target Your Prime Audience
Since social media platforms offer you an incredible wealth of customer data, as a brand, it gives you the leverage to tweak and target your advertising strategies.

In a nutshell, to understand social commerce better, it can be said that it offers a chance to get more specific, ready-to-buy products to the specific people who would love them, and that’s where exactly it is a lot different from traditional e-commerce and marketing strategies.

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