Ways To Optimize Content On Social Media Platforms

Promoting or advertising on social media is not as simple as it may appear to be. The big question lies in whether your postings or campaigns are effective or not.

A social media campaign is no less than an art form. What might seem to be interesting to you, may not be attractive to your target audience. Therefore, creating a compelling persona through content genres, messaging, tone, and visuals is rather important to capture the attention of your niche audience. And, of course all of this must be done on the right platform at the right time.

Different Ways To Create Effective Content For Social Media Platforms

Creating Short Videos

Among all the mixed media content, surveys have shown that short video content is consumed the most by audiences. They are easy to make, does not require any professional help and most importantly they are convenient to create without taking up much of your time. Employing videos in your ad content can bring about much higher number of qualified leads from just one campaign. Therefore, short videos are a good way to engage your audience while you can track your analytics linked to it.

Creating Engaging and Interactive Social Media Content

Oen thumb rule of social media content is ‘user engagement content is always user friendly’. Creating shareable content helps your audience to interact with you through their likes, shares, and comments. Interactive content helps boost ranking and also increases brand loyalty.

Some of the different types of interactive content includes:

  • Live interviews with Q&A
  • Polls and quizzes are increasingly popular
  • Calculator and test content such as digital skill tests
  • Promotions through likes and shares
  • Interactive maps
  • Photo captioning competitions

Creating Humourous and Witty Content

Adding emotions always humanizes your brand. The year 2022 will observe a great rise in this where consumers will be on the lookout for such brands. Connecting with your audience at a deeper level is a crucial strategy of digital marketing- content that will make a statement regarding social problems or uphold a commitment to core values and systems.

Creating User-Generated Content

UGC works well for various brands. Memes, images, videos, and even screengrabs are considered as user-generated content (UGC). These are created by users as such content are able to grab the attention allowing them to engage with the content. This particular type of content capitalizes on the popularity of something that has already been created and well-consumed. For the creator, this saves the time and effort as you do not have to spend time writing your own catchy content. Nonetheless, UGC is not a copy of someone else’s work. It must be created keeping in mind the essence of your brand and the content should be aligned with it, while giving the due respect to the creator.

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