Vernacular SEO: The Trending Watchword Among Digital Marketers

vernacular SEO

Although digital marketing is heavily dependent on the English language as a medium of communication with their audience, a recent trend has seen a shift where Google is massively investing in localizing searches in various regional languages.

It has been observed that content made in regional languages gets more traction and may even go viral in just a few seconds, of course, provided the content has quality.

As per the Google KPMG report, regional users are going to grow by 18% whereas English users will inflate by only 3%. With numbers such as these, it is quite obvious that social media platforms are transposing and will transpose their focus on vernacular SEO or vernacular content gauging that users find content in their own language more reliable. Consequently, with this emerging trend, Google has already enabled voice search too in eight Indian languages.

The Future Trend of Vernacular SEO

With the internet reaching the nooks and corners of the world, businesses are now finding a far and wider audience to target. If specifically spoken about India, the rural parts of the nation are observing a rapid increase in smartphone users and hence digital marketing in regional languages is gaining immense importance. The availability of the internet at lowered prices and the revolution brought about by smartphones is resulting in more consumption of information. To back this trend, the numbers show a significant difference in the watch time of Hindi language videos, regional language videos, and English language videos- 60%, 35%, and 5% respectively. With the numbers growing for Hindi language and regional languages and reducing for English language, it is inevitable that websites, apps, tools, businesses, and e-commerce players have hopped up and are hopping up on this regional language bandwagon by converting their one language formula strategy (which is primarily English) to language usage in order to strike a chord with their audience and customers.

How can this be achieved?

Going regional means going beyond just using regional language while creating display ads. There are other ways to go regional as well, and considering them can bring about a significant transition to your marketing strategy.

To go regional, there are certain factors that a brand or a business must keep in mind. They are:

Going regional in every language requires a lot of resources. Moreover, that does not deem strategic too. Hence, using vernacular SEO considering where your audience is, is highly important. For instance, starting with regional display ads in the language of your state, where you are located, or where your business is, is a good way to start.

Going regional on various social media platforms is yet another way to go regional. This way you can cater to different age groups, different interests in different parts of the country or world.
Regional social media apps of course always work.

While creating regional video content is already a big thing, informational content in the same like blogs, is yet to pick up, although marketers believe that there is an audience waiting for that too.

It is quite a big challenge for digital marketing agencies to adapt and pick up vernacular marketing but it will definitely call for a better audience reach and adapting to it quickly will also take marketing a notch higher.

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