Understanding Email Marketing Automation and Its Various Types

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As a niche service provider, it would be impractical to depend on a conversion from sending out common ‘one-size-fits-all’ mail to your subscribers. Wouldn’t it? So, in this digitally run world, it is now time to send automated, personalized, targeted emails on time that will power up your marketing strategy.

What is Personalized Email Marketing?

It is yet another form of marketing that works by grasping customer data and using them to create more targeted emails based on the individual qualities of each and every subscriber. This strategy thus sends customized messages which automatically makes the marketing strategy all the more effective, eventually driving to a conversion. Hence, brands more than often now take up personalized email marketing to increase their relevance in the market.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is when software is used to automate campaigns to your subscribers, customers, and prospects, based on the rules and principles defined and given by you.
In a nutshell, automated and personalized email marketing is therefore about gathering the correct data of the customers to trigger a journey, then defining the rules of the journey (by you), and then creating the content (the email) to send in through the journey.

The Various Types of Email Marketing Automation:

Welcome Emails
To introduce the users to the brand, businesses can create automated welcome messages. These are specifically created to achieve calls-to-action, for instance subscribing to a blog feed, following brand social media accounts, or such as direct product-focused actions. These particularly help to establish brand trust right from the beginning.

Drip Campaigns
Also known as nurture campaigns, these are used to introduce the brand’s values and style while producing products or content relevant to the receiver’s interests and choice. Hence, instead of sending multiple emails (which can be annoying to the customers), a properly curated drip campaign presents promotions and links to product pages.

Sale or Discount Emails
As the name clearly states, discount and sale emails nudge customers who are not very sure about whether to go ahead and buy the product. These emails can be further enunciated by discount codes via emails, specifically for such customers.

Order Update Emails
A regular update about their purchases, help build the trust of the customer with the brand. Automated and personalized email marketing makes this process much simpler. However, these emailers can go much beyond just being informational, as they aid in providing personalized services and offer a plethora of ways to the customer to connect, interact and engage with the brand.

Abandoned Cart Emails
More often customers leave their items in the shopping cart, without completing the purchase process. This calls for immense lost value for e-commerce businesses. However, this market can be recaptured with the help of cart abandonment emails that will nudge customers to come back and complete the purchase. Many brands choose to add some discount codes to these emails. Nonetheless, with or without these coupon codes, these mails are enough to bring back the customers.

Curated Product Emails
Content-rich product emails present a wide range of products, product categories, services, and website content which works as a wide-angle snapshot for the entire brand. However, depending on the users’ interactions with the curated email, these can be further segmented into various groups and categories to continue presenting them with relevant messaging.

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