Shoppable Content: Why Is It So Popular In 2021

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“Content is king”. Standing in today’s times, this phrase holds massively true as it plays a very important role in creating a brand experience and influencing shoppers to make their decision of purchase. However, one biggest challenge faced by content marketers is to be able to create engaging content that not only allows brand awareness but also help interact with viewers and subscribers while impacting positively in the sales numbers.

What is Shoppable Content?

Nowadays, more and more content creators and marketers are focussing their attention on creating shoppable content which influences and conveniences shoppers to make those important purchases while engaging intensively with the brand. What’s most noticeable in this type of content is the combination of commerce with content in editorial-style formats like blogs, lookbooks, magazines, style guides, and much more. Shoppable content simplifies the buying funnel by reducing the number of digital touchpoints between the content and the product. Nevertheless, it is the weave (and how well it is done) of the content and the product which is going to determine the brand’s winning and losing scores. If done well and correctly, shoppable content provides the brands to display strong inspiring imagery that establishes a direct link between the customer and the product without diminishing the aesthetic value. Moreover, shoppable content enables purchasers to add products directly to their baskets without any hassles.

The Impact Of Shoppable Content

Digital marketing experts are astounded by the impact of shoppable content and the ROI’s they see from it on the e-commerce industry. They are of the belief, the buying funnel earlier led to a decrease in the acquisition cost and an increase in the retention rate. However, now with the use of shoppable content brands are able to recognize the precise trigger point that makes consumers click on a product and make the purchase.

What Are The Advantages of Shoppable Contents For Brands?

Social media is a hub where people search for inspiration and products. As a result, shoppable content has become an important marketing strategy for brands.
Unlike traditional content, shoppable content allows:
Easier and convenient adding of products to the cart which makes for quick purchase
Selling of multiple related products especially in the retail industry
Non-interruption in the viewing or reading experience for users and subscribers.
Quick, easy, and convenient measuring of conversions for merchants.

Reduces consumer journey and increases product discovery.
Although traditional content has its own set of advantages, shoppable content extensively helps in driving traffic towards the brand. It enables instant purchasing, therefore, offering a very personalized shopping experience for buyers, which further betters omnichannel marketing strategies. However, shoppable content is not only about images and posts. It is also prevalent in other content types.


As per studies based on the impact of shoppable content, it won’t be incorrect to say that this editorial-style format is a win-win situation for both consumers and businesses alike. It provides easy access to the customers to the information they require and how they need it, but also allows brands and businesses with a cost-effective and profit-driven marketing solution along with ensuring in-depth analytics. Hence, the recent growth, success, and popularity of shoppable content lead to predictions by experts that this will continually be a major focus for content marketing strategies in the coming years.

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