How Do Instagram Reels Help You Grow Your Business

instagram reels

We are well aware of how the use of Instagram Reels has taken the marketing game to a whole new level. Businesses have begun to incorporate this extensively into their digital marketing strategies to promote their brand. Reels, like most other social media features, offer a platform for brands to stay connected with their customers or audience. It is an entertaining way of staying engaged with the followers on a regular basis. Nonetheless, creating reels is not a piece of cake. As a marketer, you need to think out of the box and generate ideas that are relevant and true to your brand and also interesting for your followers.

Understanding Instagram Reels:
Instagram Reels are short videos about 15-30 seconds long which play on loop and can further be added with music and videos. They are short, quick, catchy, and shareable and they play while someone is scrolling through. The videos continue to play until they scroll away. Hence, these short and quick videos are being used more and more by businesses to stay engaged with their followers and build brand recognition!

5 Different Ways You Can Use Instagram Reels For Your Business

Since its first launch in 2016, Instagram Reels have become a popular and effective channel for brands to build their audience- especially those who enjoy quick and easily digestible content. Not only that, but reels also provide a superb platform for collaborating with creative talents for establishing a better brand image.

So, now that you are convinced about Instagram Reels and why they should be incorporated into your social media marketing strategy, here are 5 ways it can be put to good use to build your brand.

1. Sharing Educational Content
To begin with, making reels on educational content is a good idea. Topics such as “how-to”, “top tips” etc are a good way to start creating reels. However, make sure to match it with the tone of your brand, keep it short and simple, and most importantly it must be easy to follow.

2. Showcasing Your Services and Products
In the Insta app, Reels have a dedicated tab to themselves. They can also be seen on the “Explore Page” section. This means users who do not even follow you will be able to browse through your reels. Hence, matching with the algorithm, so that it reaches the right audience, using hashtags, text overlays, and descriptive captions is the right way to go about it. You may even choose to collaborate with influencers to promote your brand, products, or services.

3. Share the Backstage Content
Sharing backstage content makes the reels more personal and interactive increasing the engagement of your audiences. This is because, it shows the true or real story behind your brand, who you are, and what you provide. This method also helps in building relationships with your audience.

4. Sale Announcements and Sharing Offers
Instagram Reels announcing your sales and exclusive offers will help you to gain a lot of engagement from Instagram users. However, the key is to keep it simple and make it genuine without making it look and sound very overbearing.

5. Using Instagram Reels Ads
Since this year, Instagram has introduced new features where Instagram advertisers can choose reels to place their own ads. When ads are placed on your reels, they reach newer target audiences. This has led to many brands trying out this new feature and they seem to be pretty happy about it.

Along with your other social media handles, managing your Instagram presence simultaneously is important. So, save your time and embark on a social media ad campaign with us and let us help you to transform your brand in a whole new way.

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