Effective Video Marketing: The Advantages Of It For Your Small Business

video marketing

Undeniably, video marketing is powerful. It is one of the most effective marketing techniques of the future, and the time has already arrived for it to be used as a full-blown marketing strategy. Marketers have already started using it and it is worth mentioning that this form of marketing has indeed revolutionized the marketing arena of small and medium-sized businesses. The effectiveness of video marketing is defined not only by its popularity but also because of its versatility and profitability.
So, let us discuss some of the many advantages that video marketing can bring to your business.

Hopping onto the bandwagon of the second-largest search engine, worldwide

Youtube is the second most used search engine all over the world with a billion users watching more than 250 million hours of video every single day. Therefore, making content videos to be uploaded on youtube is definitely a strategic opportunity in the marketing space. So, hopping onto the bandwagon and fitting into the buyer’s journey will bring your business innumerable potential buyers who are searching on this platform all day long.

Ranking Higher In Google

Google is the primary search engine and adding video content to your website can help you enhance your search rankings- in fact, can even put you on the first page of Google results. Yes, it is that effective!

Offering a Better Understanding of Your Product

Understanding your product well is essential for customers and potential customers before they go ahead and make a purchase. Video marketing caters to this need- especially an explainer video that helps them to understand clearly what you are offering and how your services can be helpful.

Increases your Email Click-Throughs

Including a thumbnail of your video in your email body ensures that users can view the video on your website or on your landing page. This increases your outreach to a great extent and can even bring you three times more responses.

Establishing Stronger Brand Recognition and Connection

The biggest advantage of video marketing is that they call for both audio and visual stimulation. This ensures more engagement leading to developing a stronger affiliation with your brand. Hence, more new customers and the return of loyal customers to your business!

Capitalizing on Budget-Friendliness

Although it may apparently seem that a lot of expense is involved in video marketing, in fact, it is exactly the opposite. A 1080p camera and a few basic editing software are enough for you to create a video and upload it on your website.

More Appearance in Social Feeds

Nowadays, algorithms are such that they allow users to view your content (in this case videos) based on users’ previous activities. Hence, social media feeds work greatly in showing people what they want to see, and consequently, videos are your route to be discoverable to potential customers.

Boosting Conversions and Sales

Surveys have proven that websites using video marketing have much greater conversion rates. Video viewing data has been shown to qualify leads, bring in prospective customers, and even influence deals.

So, by now it must be quite clear that video marketing is most definitely worth a shot! And, no doubt it is effective from all aspects. So, without any delay involve video marketing in your advertising strategy, today! Your website is surely dying for a play button!

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