Decoding the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

AI and digital marketing

Even a few years ago, AI was ambiguous and merely a concept that made marketers hesitant to use AI in digital marketing. However, in the past few decades, AI has brought about tools and results which are concrete and substantial. Consequently, marketers have gradually begun to incorporate AI into their scope of work and are observing the amazing evolution it is bringing in the digital marketing arena.

Aspects of Digital Marketing Already running on AI

Content Generation
It is true that content curation still requires that human touch, nonetheless, AI is being extensively used to generate content and presenting them to the right audience at the right time on the right platform. The automated content generation has already begun to function and it holds the potential to generate suitable topics for writers and perhaps even help them with the preliminary draft based on specific parameters.

Content Strategy
AI helps marketers design an end-to-end content strategy and eventually help provide comprehensive reports on content efforts with zero human labor involved.

Digital Advertising
Even the basic form of AI has revolutionized the ways companies advertise digitally. These advertising tools and systems work on their own on complex algorithms and data so that they can appear in front of the right kind of people. Marketing has redefined itself from simply being a creative endeavor to going beyond where it is now all about targeting the right kind of audience and delivering them the right message.

Chatbots are the most prevalent AI feature that businesses have taken up in their marketing strategy. They are fascinating and ensure a good customer experience by answering their FAQs. Chatbots are not only convenient for businesses but allow the customers to help themselves. It is quicker and simpler.

Predictive Analysis
Content is king. After all, that’s what keeps your viewers hooked onto. To produce top-quality content, AI helps you with predictive analytics to understand and create personalized content.

Online searches
AI has brought about a huge transformation in internet searches and search engine optimization. Now, it all runs with just a click of a button or voice commands. All that a marketer needs to do here is create and optimize their content. And yes, all of that is done by AI advances and technology.

We are all aware of how Artificial Intelligence has taken over our lives, businesses, and industries and holds a lot of potential of surpassing human intelligence in the future too. The digital marketing industry has become hugely dependent on it as it saves a lot of time for marketers due to automated research and estimation. Thus, the near accurate data generated by the machines put companies in an advantageous position to go ahead with smart investing to increase their sales through full-proof marketing strategies.

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