10 AI-Driven Tools That Are Used Extensively in Digital Marketing

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Artificial Intelligence is being dominantly used in almost all industries. Digital marketers too, have begun using this technology predominantly which is leading to several benefits in the digital marketing field. AI is efficient and saves a lot of time. Smart and efficient marketing efforts make businesses grow by increasing revenue and expansion of the company. Since AI gets work done using intelligent machines, the results are error-free and leave almost no blind spot in the marketing strategies. This automatically saves a lot of money too. AI and machine learning have enabled numerous companies to achieve what businesses failed to achieve earlier by helping them connect the dots which seemed impossible. 

AI has therefore proven to be advantageous in digital marketing strategies offering efficiency, productivity, and profitability. 

10 AI Tools Used in Digital Marketing: 

Artificial Intelligence becoming predominant in Digital Marketing has led to the innovation of various online and offline tools based on the requirements of the marketer. The best 10 AI digital marketing tools which help to study user behavior and pattern are: 

  1. Acquisio Turing: This tool is used effectively for smart bidding as it lets know the potential metrics like daily and weekly visits, demographic performance, and a lot more. There are more than 30 predictive protocols that work together to use search campaign data in various other platforms. 
  1. Acrolinx: Acrolinx is a popular AI-driven tool that uses machine learning, NLP, and various other algorithms to show campaigns in various channels and devices, simultaneously. 
  1. Atomat: Customized Content is the most interesting aspect of AI use in Digital Marketing. It provides for personalized content at every level of the marketing funnel which is just not limited to messaging services. Atomat helps recommend tailor-made content as per the need of the user falling under the specific category of the funnel. 
  1. Bloomreach: This one is a smart tool that businesses use to analyze the market at every step- from estimation to execution. It can optimize campaigns for improvement. 
  1. Boot Linquistics: This particular tool comes with a dismissal feature that inspects browser experience, making the website consumer-friendly in terms of layout, functionality, and page accessibility to drive the most amount of traffic. 
  1. CaliberMind: This tool allows a plethora of opportunities for B2B companies to receive more inquiries regarding their business which increases the revenue without incurring any loss of the user experience. 
  1. IBM Watson: This is one of the most reliable AI marketing portals which offers precise user behavior analysis and also live personalization models. Its marketing insights powered by AI allows not only to grasp but also predict consumer behavior. 
  1. Concured: This tool helps in analyzing the history of users’ behavior and recommends what type of marketing content will increase user engagement with the business. 
  1. Hubspot: This one is a boon of a tool for content marketers. It helps them by offering a variety of content suggestions specific to the targetted audience. 
  1. Google Cloud AI: This one allows for chatbot built specifically for self and performance analysis over text, images, and other social media content. 

As we say, “Time is Money” and this saying is apt for the current trend of digital marketing driven by AI technology. AI and Digital marketing get your work done in no time and that too with near correct precision. Instead of investing in other marketing platforms which may grow redundant after a point in time, the smart thing to do would be to invest in digital marketing. It is the era of AI and making the most of it would be a smart move.

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