Benefits of SEO Strategies For Businesses in 2022

search engine marketing

Today, in a world of digitization, the social presence of any business- big or small- is crucial. But the dilemma lies in how does it drive growth to any business? The first most important benefit of Search Engine Optimization or SEO is that it aids you to understand your customers (or potential customers) better. It […]

The Emerging Tech Trends To Observe in 2022

technology trends 2022

Technology has always been evolving at an accelerated pace. Especially, in the last few decades. However, the scenario has changed quite a lot in the past couple of years due to the outbreak of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. IT professionals have to come to the realization that if they constantly do not keep up with […]

Vernacular SEO: The Trending Watchword Among Digital Marketers

vernacular SEO

Although digital marketing is heavily dependent on the English language as a medium of communication with their audience, a recent trend has seen a shift where Google is massively investing in localizing searches in various regional languages. It has been observed that content made in regional languages gets more traction and may even go viral […]

Understanding Google Ads Smart Bidding: The Benefits Of It All

Google advertising

Over the recent years, Google has undeniably brought about new machine learning features which are popular and well-known tools used for advertising purposes. However, the greatest challenges lie in organizing and managing these ad campaigns as they can be time-consuming and a little more complex than it seems. Google Ads Smart Bidding is one such […]

Top 8 Ways Personalized SMS Marketing Is Good For Your Business

sms marketing

As a business owner, by now you already probably know how vital SMS marketing is to get your business name out in the world. However, like many people you might be skeptical about it too. It is no doubt a hidden gem in the advertising world, and although it may seem a little outdated, the […]

Understanding Email Marketing Automation and Its Various Types

email marketing

As a niche service provider, it would be impractical to depend on a conversion from sending out common ‘one-size-fits-all’ mail to your subscribers. Wouldn’t it? So, in this digitally run world, it is now time to send automated, personalized, targeted emails on time that will power up your marketing strategy. What is Personalized Email Marketing? […]

Shoppable Content: Why Is It So Popular In 2021

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“Content is king”. Standing in today’s times, this phrase holds massively true as it plays a very important role in creating a brand experience and influencing shoppers to make their decision of purchase. However, one biggest challenge faced by content marketers is to be able to create engaging content that not only allows brand awareness […]

Important Tips To Help You Create International Ads

online advertising

To explain in laymen’s words, International ads are the promotion of goods, services, businesses, companies, and ideas which are not limited to the home country of the identified sponsor but also in more than one country. Whereupon it works as a part of the master umbrella of the promotional strategy which further involves publicity, public […]

A Clear Guide To Programmatic Advertising- The Know Hows Of It All

programmatic advertising

“Programmatic Advertising” is not as complicated as the term might look or sound to be. To put it in simple words, programmatic advertising is a process that involves purchasing and optimizing digital campaigns, instead of buying them directly from the ad publishers. Programmatic advertising is created using AI technology which can replace any kind of […]

Understanding Chatbots and How They Function


The icon that you are so familiar with on the bottom right corner of any website you land on, is what is known as the ‘website chatbot’. And, in the current times, it has to do a lot with digital marketing and functions as a key catalyst in building brand relationships with customers for any […]