Understanding Chatbots and How They Function


The icon that you are so familiar with on the bottom right corner of any website you land on, is what is known as the ‘website chatbot’. And, in the current times, it has to do a lot with digital marketing and functions as a key catalyst in building brand relationships with customers for any […]

How Do Instagram Reels Help You Grow Your Business

instagram reels

We are well aware of how the use of Instagram Reels has taken the marketing game to a whole new level. Businesses have begun to incorporate this extensively into their digital marketing strategies to promote their brand. Reels, like most other social media features, offer a platform for brands to stay connected with their customers […]

Voice Search Optimization: How Can It Positively Affect Your SEO Plan in 2021

voice search optimization

The definition of SEO has changed over the years and it is no longer an established relationship between “search” and “text”. Undergoing immense evolution, today, it brings about a handsome portion of web traffic and online purchases, especially from searches based on voice prompts. This is exactly where voice search optimization comes into play as […]

Understanding Niche Marketing And Its Various Advantages

Standing out in a crowded industry is not easy especially when your brand is specifically targeted towards a small group of users. And, this is exactly where ‘niche marketing’ comes into play and you must know how to leverage it. So, what exactly is niche marketing? To define the term, niche marketing refers to marketing […]

How Do eCommerce Referral Marketing Aid in Improving Sales

No matter what marketing strategies a business might take on, word-of-mouth or referral marketing is the tried, tested, and classic method of driving sales. E-commerce, too, is heavily dependent on this form of marketing and there are numerous reasons to do so. They rely on it to bring in more customers and base their goodwill […]

Decoding the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

AI and digital marketing

Even a few years ago, AI was ambiguous and merely a concept that made marketers hesitant to use AI in digital marketing. However, in the past few decades, AI has brought about tools and results which are concrete and substantial. Consequently, marketers have gradually begun to incorporate AI into their scope of work and are […]

10 AI-Driven Tools That Are Used Extensively in Digital Marketing

artificial intelligence tools

Artificial Intelligence is being dominantly used in almost all industries. Digital marketers too, have begun using this technology predominantly which is leading to several benefits in the digital marketing field. AI is efficient and saves a lot of time. Smart and efficient marketing efforts make businesses grow by increasing revenue and expansion of the company. […]

Understanding How AI Can Improve Digital Marketing Attempts

artificial intelligence and digital marketing

Artificial Intelligence, also referred to as AI, is a branch of science that builds intelligent machines which are capable of deploying unconventional tasks, think and respond like humans. The use of AI has crawled into all fields of work and digital marketing is not left behind. AI has paved the way for immense opportunities in […]

Role And Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Transforming the Digital Marketing Arena

Marketing is the backbone of any business- big or small. Therefore, to keep the sales engine running, organizations and industries are constantly evolving their marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Similarly, Artificial Intelligence has gradually grown to become an integral part that businesses are utilizing to replace human labor in tasks like diagnosing […]