Elon Musk introduces humanoid robot Optimus

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk introduced a new product: a humanoid robot called Optimus. This robot is designed to assist humans in a variety of tasks, from the mundane (like cleaning the house) to the dangerous (like fighting fires). Optimus is the result of years of research and development by Musk’s company, Neuralink. The goal of […]

PM Modi has launched the 5G service in India

PM Modi has launched the 5G service in India. This is a major step forward for the country, which is looking to catch up with the rest of the world in terms of mobile connectivity. The 5G service will bring faster speeds and more reliable connections to users, which is crucial for a country with […]

Top Businesses That Will Continue To Boom In The Post-Covid Era

business will boom after covid

Covid-19 was one of the worst pandemics ever. Undeniably, it changed the world, our lives, and of course every aspect of it. The economies of the world have been hit severely and India- one of the world’s fastest-growing economies- was not spared either. However, amidst all the disruptions affecting the financial sectors of the country, […]

Performance Marketing: All That You Need To Know About It In 2022

performance marketing

The term ‘performance marketing’ is self-explanatory. It is just as it sounds- marketing based on performance. This performance is evaluated on desired results such as the number of completed leads, sales, bookings, or downloads. As a strategy, performance marketing culminates in businesses getting an additional brand and product recognition with an additional benefit of increased […]

Influencer Marketing: The King Of Marketing Strategies of 2022

influencer marketing

The term ‘influencer marketing’ must be quite familiar to you. It has after all developed into a buzzword and is now a mainstream form of online marketing. Despite being in the digital marketing spectrum for a while now, many people are not quite clear about its true meaning. So, this article will help you understand […]

Pinnacle Developers

Download Case Study Enriched with a history dating back to 500 years, Rudrapur is a city of Uttarakhand that is often recognized as the ‘Gateway To Kumaon’. Being the headquarters of the Terai district of Udham Singh Nagar, Rudrapur has witnessed major industrial and infrastructural developments. So, when Pinnacle Developers (which was then just a […]

The Benefits of an Online One Product Store

We often see merchants building a one-product store. This method of selling is called product niche and many sellers opt for this for a variety of reasons. So, what may be the reason for doing this? Also, how is it beneficial to the merchant? In this article, we will be decoding all of your queries […]

Devasthali The Divine

Download Case Study Flanked by mystical mountains, woven with mythological stories, Uttarakhand is an Indian state, known for its exquisite landscapes, and thrilling adventures. Nestled in the heart of Uttarakhand, is Kashipur, a city that is observing major industrial developments in the last few decades. Amidst all infrastructural and cultural developments, Kashipur is also the […]

Devasthali Ashirwad

Download Case Study Recent years have observed major development of Kashipur, the minion town of Uttarakhand, developing as an industrial center. It is now home to luxury villas and villa plots at Devasthali Ashirwad, a benchmark project by Devasthali. Orange Digital appreciates its involvement with the clients to be able to provide a complete package […]

Ways To Optimize Content On Social Media Platforms

Promoting or advertising on social media is not as simple as it may appear to be. The big question lies in whether your postings or campaigns are effective or not. A social media campaign is no less than an art form. What might seem to be interesting to you, may not be attractive to your […]